The Digital Communication Plan for Tourism – Part III: Implementation of the digital communication plan

Plan concept By formatoriginal

Communication plans do not have a fixed and unchanging structure, but they are compiled based on the specific needs of a territory or an operator. However, it is possible to identify some logical areas (which often make up chapters of the plan) that are common to most plans.

The digital communication plan consists of two main components: Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing, which need to be integrated to offer the best communication synergies. In addition to the digital part, the integrated communication plan also includes the traditional, offline component, and once again, synergy helps create better and more consistent communication.

The main areas of the communication plan are:

  1. Objectives and messages
  2. Audience/Target
  3. Strategies and tactics
  4. Senders, styles, and tones
  5. Channels
  6. Timing
  7. Budget

In the upcoming sections, we will continue with the main areas of the digital communication plan for tourism and how to address the basic strategic questions.

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