The Digital Communication Plan for Tourism – Part IX: Timing

Gantt chart By leungchopan

The aspect of timing is of fundamental importance in the implementation of the digital communication plan and must be addressed from different perspectives:

  • Phase of the customer journey
  • Seasonality and events
  • Booking window

The phases of the customer journey are those seen in this post (Dreaming, Researching, Booking, Experiencing, Sharing), and for each of these phases, it is crucial to convey the most appropriate message and distribute it where tourists obtain their information.

The most important phase, as tourists have not yet chosen a destination and therefore where we have the most influence, is the Dreaming phase. It is crucial to understand when and where our tourist audiences seek inspiration for their vacations.

A second aspect of timing choices concerns the communication of seasons, events, and recurring occasions. The communication plan must therefore gather information related to these moments to plan effective communication campaigns well in advance.

The third aspect of timing to consider in communication is the useful booking window, which varies from one geographic market to another and from one target audience to another (for example, vacation planning). This is based on factors such as age, family size, lifestyle, and other factors.

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