The Digital Communication Plan for Tourism – Part VI: Strategies and Tactics

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To achieve planned objectives, it is necessary to define a specific strategy. A strategy is the action scheme that will be implemented to achieve those objectives. The strategy materializes in activities that are the planned methods to achieve the goals of the plan.
The strategy is the way to achieve a goal, while tactics are the steps of a strategy. Tactics consist of actions.

In other words, the strategy is the general answer to the question “how to…?”, while tactics are the more detailed answers, and actions are even more detailed secondary responses. Thus, a hierarchy is created between strategies, tactics, and actions.

Strategy is based on creativity and innovation, to differentiate oneself from competitors and to attract the attention of customers with the uniqueness of one’s own brand. It is therefore crucial at this stage to find inspiration.

This does not mean that inspiration must only come in meeting rooms or under the shower, but it is also possible (and recommended) to browse through successful strategies and campaigns introduced by others.

For example, you can find success stories on social media in the business section of Facebook (

Furthermore, case studies can provide valuable information that you can apply to your digital communication plan.

Additionally, you can look at the winners of international awards such as The Shorty Awards ( or The Streamy Awards ( to have examples of brands that excel in communication.

In addition to that, you need to follow profiles and brands that you like and understand how they succeed, combining the decisions of one with the choices of another and integrating it all with a pinch of your own imagination. These are good ways to practice digital creativity.

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